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Onword Therapy is a group of talented Speech-Language Pathologists with a proven track record and a deep commitment to our patients. We specialize in treatment of cognitive and communication disorders in children and adults. As a private practice, we offer personalized care and convenience that is impossible to duplicate in a large institutional setting. We are the regional leader in our field because we provide our patients with a level of experience, care, and expertise that simply can’t be found anywhere else. At Onword Therapy, we are your Cognitive Communication Specialists.


Our Mission

Empower those we serve to develop skills, restore function, and

maximize performance, engagement, and enjoyment.

Our Logo

Our Logo Is a Symbol For Healing

The Onword Therapy identity is patterned after a Celtic knot. The repetition of circles is used to convey an ongoing process, such as the healing process of therapy. The design has no defined beginning or end, just as the healing process never definitively ends. The large outer circle can be viewed as an "O" for Onword Therapy and serves to represent ongoing support. The colors were chosen to convey a sense of warmth, stability, and strength - qualities that are also representative of a gifted therapist.


Nan Kennelly

Onword Therapy was established in 2005 by Nan Kennelly.


After many years of clinical experience, she opened a private practice to fill a need in our community and bring her own expertise and creativity to patients with cognitive-communication impairment. 


Nan has assembled and trained a team of top therapists at Onword Therapy, who excel not only in the latest evidence-based treatments, but also in the care and compassion that catalyze inspired results and outcomes.

Our Founder

Owner | Founder

Our Team

Our Team

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