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Onword Therapy now offers SPEAK OUT! Voice Therapy

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What is SPEAK OUT! Voice Therapy?

SPEAK OUT! is a therapy regimen tailored to people with Parkinson’s Disease to improve voicing and swallowing. In this program, speech is transformed from an automatic function to an intentional task. SPEAK OUT! is usually completed in 12 sessions spanning four weeks.

Speech-language pathologists at Onword Therapy are certified in SPEAK OUT! Voice Therapy and can deliver sessions in the office or via telehealth.

Why is SPEAK OUT! important?

"Up to 90% of people with Parkinson's are at high risk for losing their ability to speak, and swallowing complications account for 70% of the mortality rate in this patient population," according to the Parkinson Voice Project.


The goal of this multi-session program is to help patients strengthen the muscles used for speaking and swallowing, combining education with therapy to help them speak with intent and confidence.

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Onword Therapy Leading the Way

SPEAK OUT! Voice Therapy is just one of several cutting-edge therapeutic protocols offered by Onword Therapy.  Education is a cornerstone value of our company and the foundation of excellent therapy.  Our therapists seek out and enjoy the mastery of any new treatments that will benefit our patients.

We are proud to have received a grant from the Parkinson Voice Project, which sponsors the training of industry-leading teams around the country.  

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